Old Students Weekend 2014


Old Students Weekend

You are invited to join us on Friday the 2nd of May from 1pm and you will be leaving again on Sunday the 4th of May at 2pm.

The weekend is divided into two.

Friday is mainly for students who graduated in the last couple of years whereas Saturday and Sunday are the big jubilee- and old students party.

Reunion attendees and other curious souls are also welcome on the Friday if they want to participate in some of the sports activities and see how the school looks like on a somewhat normal day.


Speciality classes
This year you will once again be able to participate in speciality classes on Friday afternoon. Speciality classes are the classes that the students take during the week. On this Friday you will be able to join current students in taking your old speciality class, or try something new. Exactly which classes will be available will be revealed at a later date. This is a unique experience to relive some of the atmosphere of everyday Gerlev.


As an international alumni student you have to sign up by sending an e-mail with your name and when you will be arriving to gerlev@gerlev.dk. Payment for the event is made on the door when you arrive at the school. The price for the entire weekend from Friday till Sunday will be 275 kr. You have to sign up by April 23rd.


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