English information

As almost all of our members are Danish, most of our information is too, but that doesn’t mean you have to speak Danish to be a member of the Old Students Union!

If you have any questions that isn’t answered on this page just send us an email at elevforeningens@gmail.com.

What is the Old Students Union?

The purpose of the old students union is to keep contact between old students and the school. It is also a possibility for you to keep in contact with some of the other old students and maybe even get new relations.

We are 9 members the board of the union who meet at the school 6 weekends a year.
Our main focus is:

  • Arranging two Old Students Weekends, usually in June and November. The weekend in June is also for jubilees (5, 10, 15, 25, 40 and 50 years). You can expect different new and old activities and a great party with live music.
  • Making the magazine “Gerlev Glimt” twice a year (in Danish)